Roaring Toyz

For the past two decades, we have been the leader in the world of custom sportbikes, building parts that define quality and the cutting edge of style. We are the trendsetters, the innovators and the riders: we ride what we build, and we ride hard!

You’ve seen custom Roaring Toyz sportbikes on TV shows like “Superbikes!” and in dozens of magazines—including “Super Streetbike” and “2Wheel Tuner” - but our parts speak for themselves. Every part is precision engineered and CNC machined, then we test them for durability and fit. Roaring Toyz has several CNC machines and the shop can produce virtually any part imaginable. Recording artist Ludacris, boxing champion Jeff Lacy and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Michael Pittman are among the notable customers who have had rides built by Roaring Toyz.

Robert Fisher started Roaring Toyz on January 1, 2000, but he was building and racing motorcycles long before that. By the age of two, he already knew the word “motorcycle” and would scream it whenever a bike roared past his house. While growing up in Orange County, California, Robert got his first taste of customizing at the age of ten while working for the legendary Pedal Pusher Bicycle Shop in Newport Beach. At the age of 15, Robert got a YSR50 and put his bicycle customization knowledge to use on the bike, adding a chrome swingarm, paint and other bits. He jumped up to the big bikes then, customizing a Suzuki GSX-R1100.
Once he moved to Sarasota, Florida, Robert worked on bikes in his garage at home: his first paying bike build was done in his kitchen. Eventually he partnered with Johnny Turbo at Exoticycle in Sarasota, where he built bikes for three years. Finally, armed with his building skills and business acumen, Robert decided to branch out on his own. Although Roaring Toyz was originally intended as a place for parts and repairs, Robert’s reputation for customizing was beginning to grow. A season on the television show “Metric Revolution” garnered him national attention: suddenly everyone wanted to know more about the guy who built a turbo-charged/supercharged/nitrous injected Suzuki GSX-R1000 with the 180 front and an insanely-huge 330 rear tire.

It wasn’t long before the manufacturers began to take notice, and Kawasaki asked Roaring Toyz to build two custom ZX-14s. He got the new bikes before anyone else so they could be unveiled at Daytona’s Bike Week, giving Robert the distinction of being the first builder to customize the iconic Kawasaki.

In addition to building bikes, Robert also began roadracing in 1995. Robert was soon winning every race he entered, and over the past 14 years he has earned literally hundreds of wins. During that time, Robert has raced in the legendary AMA Daytona 200 has won multiple National Championships as well as numerous Regional Championships.

With his roadracing background firmly in mind, it is Robert’s mantra that Roaring Toyz will build only bikes and parts to be ridden. No trailer queens here!

Roaring Toyz and Robert Fisher have consistently been the first in innovation, deserving of the title, “The King Of Custom Sportbikes.”

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